Melodic Metal
From Finland!

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Life's Phenomenon

Track List:

01: Imagined Nothing

02: The Diamond Hills

03: The Sounds of Insomnia

04: Circus

05: Hate

06: Flowers

07: The Machinery of Life

08: Rain Factory (Album bonus track)

09: Archives of Love

10: Ghost


For Media

Finnish melodic metal band has released their debut album “Life’s Phenomenon” on November 6th. The album contains 10 easily approachable songs that combine heavy metal guitars and catchy melodies.

Vocalist Rebecca Spörl grew up in the small German village Pottenstein. She moved to Finland six years ago to start her own metal band. While she was studying to become a professional singer in Turku, she found Helsinki based band Averlanche, who were looking for a singer at the time. She got the job and travelled over 170 km by bus every week to attend band practice. Now she lives in Helsinki, is fluent in Finnish and working on her dream of touring the world with her band.


Averlanche was founded in Helsinki, Finland, in early 2017. During the same year they recorded their first demo “The Machinery of Life”. After the release of the demo and the first few gigs it was time to record their first full length album. They wanted to have an experienced producer to guarantee the best result so they contacted Hiili Hiilesmaa who suggested that they should record the album in Punkalaidun with Arttu Sarvanne. The band spent 12 days in the beautiful countryside of Finland and recorded 10 songs for their debut album

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